Buy now. Deliver later.
Buy now deliver later

Waiting on a move in date/reno project to finish/fabric samples to arrive/something else, but want these awesome prices?? 

No worries at all, we have lots of clients who for various reasons like to order their Martini Furniture and then get us to make and send later. 

So let us help you tick something off your ever-growing-list, buy your bedhead, ottoman, curtains or whatever you like from us and we can make and send when YOU ARE READY!

How does it work?

1. Add your product to cart, and write in the ‘Order Comments’ at the end, your preferred delivery date, or that you are waiting on fabric samples etc. 

2. We will then get in touch to confirm colour/delivery date/other variable closer to the time

Don’t worry, if things change down the track (because they often do) and you need to move the delivery date simply let us know. No problems at all. 



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